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Official Selection Seattle International Fim Festival 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Brooklyn Film Festi
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Once considered a key figure amongst the neo-expressionist painters of 1980s New York, prolific artist and longtime recluse Chuck Connelly confronts a lifetime of perceived slights, failures, regrets and missed opportunities as he attempts to emerge from a darkness of his own making.

“Chuck Connelly: Into the Light” is more than just a portrait of an artist. It is one man’s struggle to conquer his inner demons and rejoin the human race, even if it is on a small and limited scale. It’s a pleasure to see Connelly and his work return to the land of the living where a new audience for his paintings can appreciate his talent that was hidden for too long."

Joan Amenn In There own League

"Into the Light is the sort of documentary that exists to change the life of both the film’s subject and its viewers.  Filmmaker and director Benjamin Schwartz did us the great service of not only coaxing artist Chuck Connelly back into his rightful place in the sun, but of sharing Connelly’s art through art of his own." 

Izzy Bonvini New Jersey Stage 

"I thought to myself, can I really watch a 75-minute film about this guy? As it turns out, yes I could, and yes I did. I ended up loving "Into the Light," in which Schwartz patiently draws Connelly out of his shell and creates a compelling portrait of a troubled but extremely talented guy, who happens to be a pussycat if you can get past his defense mechanisms. I recommend this film highly."

Jay Lustig New Jersey Arts

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